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  2. Dry and warm spring and summer | Copernicus
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  4. How the long, dry summer has affected Sweden's Christmas trees
  5. Dry and warm spring and summer

Periodic drought is a way of life for those living in southern California — this means not only the people, but the plants and animals as well. Fortunately, most trees — even those hailing from faraway lands — can survive the long, dry summer with a little extra water.

Most of the plants and trees native to Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and the rest of the region have developed physiological mechanisms or physical characteristics that enable them to cope with these regular dry spells. Even those that tend to grow in riparian areas or in low-lying grounds must develop some ways of surviving waterless periods, as particularly dry periods may turn creek beds into little more than sunbaked mud.

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  2. Messen der Oberflächenvorbehandlung (Oberflächenspannung) auf Polyethylen-Folien (Unterweisung Verfahrensmechaniker / -in für Kunststoff- und Kautschuktechnik) (German Edition).
  3. A hot, dry summer has led to drought in Europe in | NOAA
  4. 12 Ways to Prepare Your Soil for Heavy Rain After a Dry Summer or Drought.

But these adaptations are hardly infallible. While the healthiest individuals often survive extended droughts, many trees battling pests or growing in sub-standard locations struggle to survive prolonged dry spells. Fortunately, many of these trees can be saved with a little supplemental irrigation.

Exotic Introductions

For these plants and trees, supplemental watering is often necessary for any reasonable chance of emerging from the drought unscathed. Some of the most common and important signs include:.


Having decided that your trees are in need of some extra water, it is important to provide it to them in the most efficient manner possible. This not only ensures your trees will derive the maximum benefit from the water, but it will also help you avoid wasting any water in the process.

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Dry and warm spring and summer | Copernicus

When Cissy's mother wants to know why, Cissy shows her Lester's note and leaves with him. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Cissy Contents [ show ].

Down to earth

Categories :. Cancel Save. In fact, all it takes to see a green Europe would be to go back in time to the beginning of June, after spring rains helped create a verdant green blanket.

Benny Hill Lengthy Dry Summer Time 1975 & More Recent Faces

So what happened in the following two months? A prolonged dry spell coupled with soaring, record-breaking temperatures has been a horrible combination for farms from Scandinavia and England in the north to France, Netherlands, and Germany to the south. In particular, July was incredibly hot for northern Europe. Finland as a whole set its all-time hottest July as well. Difference from average surface temperatures across Europe during July Red colors reflect warmer than average conditions while blue colors indicate cooler than average conditions.

How the long, dry summer has affected Sweden's Christmas trees

During July, a long lasting heatwave impacted northern Europe leading to well above-average temperatures as far north as the Arctic Circle. Farther south, the United Kingdom recorded its driest first half of summer on record and its third-hottest July on record, according to the UK Met office in a report from the World Meteorological Organization. Germany similarly saw multiple cities set all-time heat records this summer. The effects of the drought are already impacting farmers throughout Europe. Sweden observed around 50 forest fires during the peak of the heat in mid-July, which, according to the World Meteorological Organization, was the worst outbreak of forecast fires in modern records.

The extreme heat in the far north has also led to the warming of lake and oceans as well. And when waters warm that fast, conditions become favorable for blooms of dangerous algae.

The Baltic Sea in particular has seen its most severe algal blooms in decades. Positive values browns reflect higher than average pressure and are generally associated with hotter surface temperatures during the summer. Negative values blues reflect lower than average pressure. An area of higher than average pressure across northern Europe was associated with well above-average temperatures during the month of July.

Dry and warm spring and summer

NOAA Climate. And this incredibly resilient high pressure system has stuck around for the most part for several months! This broad area of higher than normal pressure has helped create a heat dome over northern Europe.