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Unholy Allied Mountains - eBook

In a nutshell, Christian Zionists believe that we are in the end times and that the second coming of Christ is near. In order for Jesus to return, they hold, certain biblical prophecies must be fulfilled. One-third of the Jews will accept Jesus as Messiah and be saved; the others will reject him and be damned Zechariah And so will history end. About eight million Jews live outside Israel; Christian Zionists assume their return will force out the 1. In its place is now the Dome of the Rock, the third-holiest site in Islam.

It would have to be levelled to make way for a new temple. It goes without saying that this theological viewpoint is pernicious, vengeful and politically dangerous. These organizations and churches operate out of a theology that the working group believes to be false.

Saul David reviews Monte Cassino by Matthew Parker

Restorationism continued as a minority movement within Protestantism, gaining steam in the 19th century when the Ottoman Empire, then ruling Palestine, began to crumble. In , the Scofield Reference Bible, borrowing from the ideas of Anglo-Irish evangelist John Nelson Darby, advocated the destruction of the Dome of the Rock and the rebuilding of the Temple as necessary preludes to the second coming of Christ. Jewish Zionism began to take shape in when Austro-Hungarian journalist Theodor Herzl, responding to the persecution of Jews in Russia and elsewhere, organized the first World Zionist Congress in Switzerland.

Herzl believed that only in a country of their own would Jews be safe. Though the original Jewish Zionists were mostly secular, both religious Jews and Evangelical Christians would later piggyback on the term to advance their own agendas. After the First World War, Britain was given a League of Nations mandate to administer Palestine until national structures could be developed for both Jews and Palestinians.

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In , the United Nations proposed a division of Palestine into Jewish and Arab states side by side, with Jerusalem as an international zone. The Jews accepted this: the plan gave them the greater part of the territory even though there were more Palestinians than Jews living there. The Palestinians rejected it for the same reason. Civil war erupted, expanding into a regional war in May when Arab states invaded the newly established State of Israel.

By early , about , Palestinians had fled their homes or been expelled by Jewish-Israeli militias. And this is where Christian Zionism really took off. Now that the end times are really upon us, Christian Zionists reasoned, more must be done to persuade read: force Jesus to return. Leading U. His organization, Christians United for Israel, boasts over two million members, including 95, in Canada. Bizarre though it is, Christian Zionism is a tidy ideology, easily grasped and containing its own internal logic, and easily believed by those with little knowledge of theology, politics or history.

By contrast, mainline churches have no simple, agreed-upon end-times narrative that can match it. In theological terms, we have no functional eschatology. Back at the conference, participants grappled with a number of hard questions.

Unholy Allied Mountains by Rdliporada

Vastly different in upbringing and political beliefs, they were not always in agreement—or even on good terms. Using the remarkable letters between the three world leaders, enriching narrative details of their personal lives, and riveting tales of battles won and lost, best-selling historian Winston Groom returns to share one of the biggest stories of the 20th century: The interwoven and remarkable tale, and a fascinating study of leadership styles, of three world leaders who fought the largest war in history.

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Churchill is a character tailor-made for Mr. At its best, Mr. Groom tells an enthralling story of three nations, each wary of the others, and of three men who set aside deep differences for a common cause. Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin. According to the author, who cites well-regarded secondary sources throughout this readable history, it was the brutal international conflict that led to this triumvirate rather than the compatibility of their personalities.

For some, the war and its leaders are ancient history. Although I have read books and viewed movies that detailed specific battles and places, Groom did a lovely job weaving a story that pulled the events together into a broad perspective which I thoroughly enjoyed. And as I have come to expect in all his histories, the anecdotes were fascinating and I learned new details about the characters and the events in play.

A powerful story! And it is a well-known one, which Groom tells well for a general audience. He painted these figures as men, rather than mythical beings, with faults, and secrets, and personal agendas, which humanized them for me. Also, Groom really hits home the fact that the only reason these three men came together was to oppose fascism, given their clear political points of difference. Then it goes on to describe how they came to power. I love reading historical fiction about WWII and this book really added to my knowledge base.

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Groom has captured the spirit of a biography in the context of an event, and effectively knit three lives together in one book. Afterwards, the reader gets to learn how these three great personalities managed to synergy and find common ground hating Nazis was a big one.

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